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Obesity is a danger to the patient’s health and quality of life. A minimally-invasive, biocompatible, reversible and atraumatic medical implant, the HELIOGAST® HAGE guarantees safe and effective obesity treatment.


  • Surgical and minimaly invasive
    Implanted in less than 1 hour via celioscopy.
    Limited scar size.
  • Safety and comfort
    Low-pressure inflatable band with a completely atraumatic surface.
  • Easy to insert
    Shape-memory band.
  • Reversible
    Unlocking via celioscopy.
  • Innovative ports
Three unique and patented implantable ports.
Silicone-coated surfaces for the patient’s comfort.
A cylindrical port with 360° accessibility facilitates needle puncture and avoids fixation at the site and rotation risks.


When placed around the stomach, the HELIOGAST® HAGE adjustable gastric band makes it possible to regulate the amount of food absorbed. The patient fills up quickly. He or she eats less and loses weight.
  • Efficacy
    68% loss of excess weight after 5 years of treatment with the HELIOGAST® HAGE adjustable gastric band.
  • Tolerance
    Low complication rate after implantation of the HELIOGAST® HAGE adjustable band.
  • eating habits
    Change in eating habits by learning to eat slowly (passage reduced by the band) and in reasonable amounts.

(1) Six years experience with adjustable gastric band. Analysis of 1582 cases – 41 tonnes weight loss, N. Sikas