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Our treatment againt obesity

Discover our solutions to the problems of obesity

Obesity is a danger to the patient’s health and quality of life.

In order to treat all the stages of obesity in a safe and effective manner, Helioscopie has developed minimally-invasive, reversible medical implants that are comfortable for the patient and suited to the expectations of healthcare professionals.

Everything you need to know about obesity

Our non-surgical treatments

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Our reversible surgical treatments

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Our recommendations

Our recommendations regarding our non-surgical treatments

Our recommendations regarding our reversible surgical treatments

Key figures

  • More than 60,000 gastric bands implanted in the world
  • More than 15,000 intragastric balloons implanted in the world
  • 20% of sales is put towards research and development
  • More than 1500 practitioners trained in the use of Helioscopie devices


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Our studies and publications

Studies and publications: non-surgical treatments

  • Sciumè C. Annali Italiani di Chirurgica, 2009 mar-apr; 80(2) : 113-7 - Role of intragastric air filled ballon (Héliosphère bag) in severe obesity. Personal experience - Read the Article
  • Trande P et al. Obesity Surgery, 2008 dec 10 - Efficacy, tolerance and safety of new intragastric air-filled balloon (Héliosphère bag) for obesity: the experience of 17 cases - Read the Article
  •  Mion F et al. Obesity Surgery, 2007; 17: 764-769 - Tolerance and efficacy of an air-filled balloon in non-morbidly obese patients: results of a prospective multicenter study - Read the Article 


Studies and publications: surgical treatments

  • Lattuada et al. - Obesity Surgery, 2006, 16, 1155-1159. Histologic Study of Tissue Reaction to the Gastric Band: Does it contribute to the Problem of Band Erosion? Read the article
  • Wasserberg et al. - Obesity Surgery, 2003,13, 780-3. Laparoscopic repositioning of Heliogast gastric band after anterior slippage. Read the article

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