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With nearly 10,000 cases analysed, one Heliogast ring out of 10 has been the subject of scientific communication since it was put on the market. Complications such as slippage or pocket dilation are rare (<3%) and there is also a real improvement in terms of comorbidities.

In 2021, a study (2) demonstrated the excellent results of Heliogast after 10 years of implantation.


Loss of excess weight of 68% after 5 years of treatment with the HELIOGAST® HAGA adjustable ring.

HELIOGAST cli data.jpg

Feeding behavior

Change in eating habits by learning to eat slowly and in reasonable quantities (reduced passage through the ring). These clinically established findings are confirmed by a study (1) conducted in Spain since 2022, the results of which in terms of tolerance and efficacy once again demonstrate that the HAGA gastric band is a safe treatment for Obesity:

image002 copie.png


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