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French manufacturer specialising in obesity.
Exclusive di
stributor BULKAMID® and DYNAMESH® for the French market.

Our DNA: medical-device for Better Life

HELIOSCOPIE was established in 2000 in Vienne, Isère,  where it designs, manufactures and markets class I to III implantable medical devices, specialising in the surgical or endoscopic treatment of obesity.

HELIOSCOPIE positions itself on minimally invasive and reversible techniques with devices or accessories adapted to the treatment of obesity but it more generally has expertise in the field of wall reinforcements (ventral hernia repair, hernia, etc.) or urinary incontinence.

HELIOSCOPIE is EN ISO 13485 certified, and has CE marked product ranges, distributed to practitioners directly through its sales network in France or through a network of international distributors.

The strength of HELIOSCOPIE is to combine mastered technical and regulatory know-how, a team of specialised agents by your side, listening to you, and an ability to differentiate itself through products with unique characteristics on the market, serving the well-being of patients and for a better quality of life.

Our Philosophy:  Primum Non Nocere

First do no harm.

An implantable device cannot be efficient without being sure:

- This state of mind is at the heart of Helioscopie's choices in the products it markets.

- The search for innovative solutions that are simple to produce and use is a guarantee of safety in use for the practitioner and his patient.

About us



Intragastric air balloon for the non-surgical treatment of obesity.


Minimally invasive adjustable gastric band for

the treatment of obesity.

Gastric calibration tube
Minimally invasive treatment for
female stress urinary incontinence.

exclusively for the French market

Wall reinforcement implants for the treatment of hernia.

exclusively for the French market

Our products


years of experience

in our field


more than 1,500 physicians who use our devices


Countries have access to our devices

Our team
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Z.A. Château de Malissol

Rue des Frères Lumière

38200 Vienne, France

Tel: +33 (0)


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