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Intragastric air balloon for the non-surgical treatment of obesity.

The Heliosphere intragastric balloon is a medical  device for the non-surgical treatment of obesity. The principle is simple: occupy volume in the stomach in order to help the patient  to obtain a feeling of satiety more quickly. Thus, the presence of the balloon helps the patient eat less and lose weight.


Heliosphere is a unique concept of balloon fully inflated with air in order to limit or avoid nausea and side effects known with a liquid-filled balloon. The use of air is not a trivial choice. The weight of the inflated balloon is less than 15 grams, which allows it to move freely in the stomach, without applying pressure to the gastric mucosa during the implantation period. It guarantees better comfort for the patient and considerably reduces post-implantation nausea and vomiting. Thus, the quality of life of the patient is maintained on a daily basis while allowing him to better manage his diet.


Totally innovative in its design, the Heliosphere intragastric balloon is an alternative for people who wish to take action for their health (commit to a program, a weight loss process). It is an effective aid both in the prevention of severe obesity and its risks as well as in the treatment of established obesity. Heliosphere is a solution for those who do not wish or cannot benefit from obesity surgery.

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The folded balloon is introduced into the stomach through the mouth, then inflated with air by the physician.

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A preliminary diagnosis with a specialist is necessary. This specialist will assess, based on your profile, the interest of the intragastric balloon device for you and the recommendations to follow during your treatment. An essential act that will allow you to achieve your goal with your involvement in the follow-up provided by the medical team that oversees your journey.

The implantation of the intragastric balloon is carried out by a gastroenterologist, specialised in the treatment of obesity. The balloon is introduced through the upper natural tract (oral cavity), under anesthesia and endoscopic control. The folded balloon is introduced into the stomach through the mouth, then inflated with air by the physician. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and does not require intervention. The use of the balloon is limited to 6 months of implantation in the stomach. The device will then be removed under the same conditions as during implantation, using a Heliosphere extraction kit supplied with the balloon.

The intragastric balloon is a device reserved for adults. 


To enhance and sustain weight loss after 6 months of implantation, the physician may suggest extending the treatment by 6 months:  

  • During the extraction at 6 months of the first balloon, a second balloon is placed for an additional 6 months. This results in greater weight loss and more time to sustainably adopt better eating habits. 

  • OR a short duration after the 1st balloon has been removed, depending on your specialist's assessment.


In this case, the advantage of air turns out to be greater over a long period. Whatever the duration of the treatment, your involvement in the support provided by the medical teams (physician, nutritionist, dietitian, psychologist, sports coach) and the follow-up of their recommendations is essential.

Your success with Heliosphere: a voluntary and rewarding approach.





Patient whose overweight is accompanied by medical risks, with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 kg/m2 and more, confirmed by the diagnosis of a gastroenterologist of the treatment of obesity.

Type II diabetes

Your type II diabetes is difficult to balance because of your overweight.

Alternative to obesity surgery

You want to avoid surgery or have an alternative to surgery.


You are going to undergo surgery and you want to reduce the risks associated with your overweight.



Newtech 600:

  • Weight: < 15g

  • Diameter: about 105mm

  • Average volume: 600 cm³

  • Recommended as first-line treatment over a 6-month treatment, or as the first phase of a twice-6-month treatment.


Newtech 720:

  • Weight: < 15g
  • Diameter: about 110mm

  • Average volume: 720 cm³

  • Recommended in the second phase of a twice 6-month treatment, after Newtech 600. The slight increase in volume of Newtech 720 boosts weight loss. Newtech 720 can also be used as a 6-month treatment.




Our dedicated extraction kit allows a safe and simplified gesture, it consists of:

  • A drain needle

  • A double jaw graspers

  • A universal connector

Treatment 6 months + 6 months:

For an effective longer-term solution, the weight loss obtained after 6 months of implantation can be enhanced and sustained by a second six-month treatment.

The implantation of the second balloon is done during the extraction of the first balloon, thus the patient benefits from longer support to change eating behavior.





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