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Minimally invasive Adjustable Gastric Band for the treatment of obesity.

The adjustable gastric band is implanted around the upper part of the stomach. It allows by its "hourglass" effect to regulate and limit the passage of food, and at the same time, to act on the mechano-receptors of satiety. The ring is connected to a subcutaneous device, an implantable chamber making it possible to adjust the internal diameter of the ring by injecting saline solution, thus regulating the passage of food.


This simple technique, mastered by a large number of surgical teams, is generally performed laparoscopically and requires only a short hospital stay (2 to 3 days on average). This procedure should be recommended in most cases because of its non-mutilating and reversible nature.


The intervention must be accompanied by rehabilitation to change the eating behavior of the patient. This is taken care of by a multidisciplinary team made up of a surgeon, gastroenterologist, a nutritionist (or a dietician) and a psychologist. This team plays a major role in the weight loss, stabilization and recovery of the patient: the causes of obesity are multiple and the treatment comprehensive.


This good tolerance should be compared with the significant effectiveness of the Heliogast HAGA ring in terms of weight. If it is established that effective surgery should enable the patient to lose 50% of their initial excess weight, Heliogast makes it possible to achieve and maintain this good result over time.

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Heliogast® is the ring that allows an easy, serene and lasting treatment of morbid obesity.


Safety data for the Heliogast ring are widely available. With more than 9000 cases analyzed, one Heliogast ring out of 10 has been the subject of scientific communication since it was put on the market. Complications such as slippage or pocket dilation are rare (<3%) and there is also a real improvement in terms of comorbidities.


This innovative design is accompanied by a perfect mastery of the manufacturing processes and real know-how. This is shown by the marginal customer complaint frequencies. Due to its unique design and its production controlled and carried out 100% on our site in Vienna (38), Heliogast is the ring that allows easy, serene and lasting treatment of morbid obesity.



1 reversible surgery 


The HELIOGAST gastric band is an adjustable band implanted around the upper part of the stomach, dividing it in two like an hourglass. Gastric pouch calibration can be performed using a probe. The ring is connected by a catheter to an implantable site, allowing the ring to be inflated or deflated (tighten or loosen).

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 2 ring references 


Maximum total volume of 10 cm³

This ring is the only one to have an adjustable "double support" membrane designed to increase the stability of the ring and limit the risk of its displacement.


Maximum total volume of 7 cm³

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3 implantable site references

Three implantable site references, unique, patented, with a silicone surface for patient comfort. Including a cylindrical site (EV3), needle puncture accessible at 360°, eliminating fixation and the risk of reversal.

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